Driffield Fitting a Meyer PathPro 1 – 2018 FG Adamson

July 2018


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Driffield Fitting a Meyer PathPro 1 – 2018 FG Adamson

Fitting a Meyer PathPro 1.8m auto angling snow plough John Deere Gator an easy job. When we arrive with a dealer to a show site the UTV will be onsite and 30seconds later the display is enhanced by the bright and bold Meyer Snowplough.

Showing our plough fitted to a Gator, this gives potential customers’ information that their four wheeler can be used for something else other than transport.

No modifications to the Gator required, just slide the plough bracket into the 2” front receiver, all held in by 1 pin, using the hand winch to lift the plough is simple and cost effective.

Meyer ploughs are designed so that if the blade is at right angles to the Gator the snow will come out or both sides at the same time, a very clever.

Another Meyer feature of the Pathpro plough is AUTO angling, the plough automatically will plough either left or right depending where the snows has resistance.

If you need to plough to right or left then just pin the plough as required.

Finally back to the saying from the Ronseal advert:it does what it says on the tin”

John Deere XUV855M Meyer

John Deere XUV855M


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Kersten working with F G Adamson at the Driffied show

July 2018

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Kersten working with F G Adamson at the Driffied show.

Driffield show starts early and is busy from the start, by 9.15 there were serious hire enquiries for the weedbrush and sweeper to clean block paving. The public only think of pressure washers and were very pleasantly surprised to find a chemical free way to clear moss and weeds from their properties. Watching people walk by the Kersten Weedo then touch and enquire was great, as they are seeing something new. A quick chat gave them the help and information they needed, all happy and now with new information on block paving drive maintenance. Educating the public who had real concerns on what to a Kersten knowledge empowered person is a simple job.

Putting back kerb appeal is what we are are about in simple terms, making properties look good.

Come 5.15pm the public were going home as you suddenly realised the day was nearly over, now wait till the 6pm close, derig and off site by 7.30pm, a full 12-hour day.

Event FG Adamson

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0118 986 9253 – info@kerstenuk.com

Kersten – something very special to kick start 2018

January 2018

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Something very special to kick
start 2018

Kersten have just launched a New Sweeper for the New Year!

The all new KM16560 sweeper from Kersten has a few features we think you are really going to like…

Floating Collector Box
The collector box on most sweepers is rigidly fixed to the front of the sweeper, when you approach a bump or slope, this results in the sweeper losing contact with the ground, leaving some un-swept surface.


– Our new collector box design allows the collector to float on arms from the rear of the sweeper, allowing it to move independently of the brush.

This ensures that the brush remains in contact with the ground at all times.
Additional benefits include;

less wear to the caster wheels, less impact on the linkage, and a cleaner finish.

Optional KM Controls

What are KM Controls? I hear you ask…

KM controls adjust the brush automatically to keep the same pressure with the ground!

This means that the brush can automatically cope with undulations and hills for the ultimate sweeping performance. But even better than that, wear on the brush from excessive pressure is eliminated, giving your brushes a much longer life, and protecting the machine from heavy handed operators!

We hope you love our new sweeper!

UK wide demonstrations can be arranged all year round. All our machines are sold and backed up by our dealer network.


For more information:
0118 986 9253 or seanf@kerstenuk.com

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

Kersten (UK) Ltd. – We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy

December 2017

Kersten (UK) Ltd. - Merry Christmas 2017

Kersten UK 

Will close for Christmas on 22 December  Friday at 12:00 pm,

We’re back on 02 January 2018.


Invitation to SALTEX 2017

October 2017

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Your invitation to SALTEX 2017

Kersten UK would love to see you on stand G075, there is plenty to peak your interest!

  • See our new innovations in chemical free weed control.
  • Speak to our knowledgeable team.
  • Book your demonstration.

SALTEX is at the NEC in Birmingham on 1st and 2nd November 2017.

Halls 6,7 and 8
Opening times:
1st November: 9.00am – 5.00pm
2nd November: 9.00am – 4.00pm


For more information: 0118 986 9253 or info@kerstenuk.com

Gammies live is back – Wednesday 30th August 2017

August 2017

Event Gammies live 2017

Event Gammies live 2017     

At Gammies Live 2017 you will be able to view, discuss and demonstrate equipment from upwards of 20 specialist manufacturers.
Major suppliers such as Kersten, Honda, Kubota, Stihl, Husqvarna and Toro along with many others will be present.

Our representatives will be on hand to deal with your queries and discuss your requirements.


For more information, you can call 0118 986 92 53 


Cleaning Block Paving under Garden Centre plant display Benches

August 2017
Before and after Kersten WeedbdushCleaning Block Paving under Garden Centre plant display Benches

Kersten was asked to show how to clean moss and debris from brick block paving under the plant display benches in the outdoor sales area of a high-profile garden centre.

By using the Kersten WKB 40 Weedbrush and K1500 power unit, visual results speak for themselves.  The area was cleaned in seconds, then the moss and dirt were removed off with an air broom.

Kersten can save days of hand brushing and jet washing with none of the resultant mess.

When demonstrating Kersten equipment chemicals are not required so an immediate cost saving results.

Kersten is at the forefront of chemical free weed control, offering solutions to stop or reduce chemical input.

Call 0118 986 92 53 to discuss our product range and arrange a demonstration.

Clic here: FORM

Or visit our web site: KERSTEN NEWS


Visit us at The Black Isle show and Moy Game Fair…

July 20171



This year at the Shows we are collaborating with Frank Nicol. Our local Kersten Dealer.
We will be showcasing the sweeper for the Stiga Titan and several Pedestrian machines.
We look forward to catching up with many of our existing customers, as well as some new ones.

If you are in the area please come to see us at the shows, they promise to be great events!


All the fun of the farm

The Black Isle Show is the largest agricultural show in the north, and it’s a great day out for
all the family too





Highland Field Sports Fair

The fair offers a diversity of entertainments and activities for all of the family, from crèche
facilities to archery! The emphasis is on field sports activities with competitions in fly
casting, gun dog handling and clay pigeon shooting. See also, General Information.



Kersten Blog – July 2017 Conservation Equipment

July 2017
Kersten UK


Case Study;  Forage Mowers from Kersten.

Sometimes we find customers want to cut grass or other crops at the surface and leave the stem intact and undamaged. Perhaps to keep the crop for hay or straw.

There are two main ways this can be done.3

Traditionally, a cutting bar with a set of reciprocating knives would be used for the task. This tool is a very reliable and low cost way to do it.  The cutters can be powered by machines with quite low horsepower such as the K-series range of two wheel tractors from Kersten.

Advantages also include the ability to use this tool on steep banks behind a pedestrian machine, or to offset it to get right under an overhang, such as a Solar panel.

The alternative method is with a drum, or disk mower.  This requires much more power to operate, and therefore a larger tool carrier, which is more expensive. But has the advantages of speed and the ability to follow contours.  It will not get clogged up easily when moving through more dense forage.


Kersten offer both solutions as attachments for our pedestrian range of machines and also as attachments for many types of tractor.

Once you have cut the crop, it is then possible to rake it into rows, allowing it to dry and then bale it for storage.

Attachments for these jobs can also be purchased for the Kersten UBS Hydro range of two wheel tractors.

All our attachments are backed up by our UK dealer network and a free demonstration is available on request.


Please follow this link for more information on our grass cutting equipment.