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Bartram Mowers with Kersten Sweepers at the Demonstration Days

Kersten Sweepers were glad to attend the Dealer open days at Norwich and Ipswich. The Kersten K1500 sweeper, weed brush along with the Kersten UBS Hydro weed brush were available for all to use “and play with”. The quality of the machines, their performance and build is apparent to all. Using a Kersten machine answers many questions, it […]

Moss on a Tennis Court. Sweep it with a Kersten Sweeper

We have been busy today demonstrating how well our Kersten powered sweepers deal with moss that grows on tennis courts and other artificial grass and tarmac sports surfaces. The picture clearly shows what the problem was. How can anyone be expected to play tennis on this surface. I don’t think this court will be helping […]

We are looking for a Sales and Database Administrator – Reading, Berks – Now Filled

Job Role: Sales and Database Administrator This new position within the company requires an individual with an analytical mind, attention to detail and a desire to ensure themselves and the sales team can achieve outstanding performance. You will be based in our office in Reading. You will be working directly for the Sales Manager and role will […]

Childrens’ playground gets the Kersten treatment. Moss beware!

A rubber mat surface at a childrens’ playground in South Wales gets the Kersten treatment. A K1500 with standard five-row combibrush quickly removes the moss and debris.  Moss tends to grow in damp, shaded conditions where debris collects and is attached to the damp surface. The combination of shade, damp and debris provides the perfect growing environment for […]

Hoaf ThermHIT 75 Infra Red Weed Burner

Hoaf ThermHIT 75 Infra Red Weed Burner

HOAF Infrared Technology is a market leader in the field of ecological vegetation control in public places and in agriculture.Thanks to years of experience with burner technology and the wide range of products, HOAF Infrared Technology is able to come up with a efficient solution for each specific demand. The weed burning principles of the […]

Tough jobs need tough tools

Tough jobs need tough tools

Faced with siding out footpaths along a busy country road, a team of workmen used the formidable UBS 14 with the heavy duty WKB 50 weedbrush. The low vibration machine can be used for lengthy periods and makes light work of the most stubborn weeds and moss.

The K1500 on a badly moss affected tennis court.

The K1500 on a badly moss affected tennis court.

This tennis court provides a good test of the machines capabilities.

T H White at Redditch try a K1500

Eager to try the Kersten K1500 for themselves, T H White staff tackle a mossy footpath at their Redditch HQ. Using the Weedbrush to eliminate the worst affected areas, then following up with the sweeper attachment and collector. The end result is clear paths with no danger of slipping.