Kersten – something very special to kick start 2018

January 2018

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Something very special to kick
start 2018

Kersten have just launched a New Sweeper for the New Year!

The all new KM16560 sweeper from Kersten has a few features we think you are really going to like…

Floating Collector Box
The collector box on most sweepers is rigidly fixed to the front of the sweeper, when you approach a bump or slope, this results in the sweeper losing contact with the ground, leaving some un-swept surface.


– Our new collector box design allows the collector to float on arms from the rear of the sweeper, allowing it to move independently of the brush.

This ensures that the brush remains in contact with the ground at all times.
Additional benefits include;

less wear to the caster wheels, less impact on the linkage, and a cleaner finish.

Optional KM Controls

What are KM Controls? I hear you ask…

KM controls adjust the brush automatically to keep the same pressure with the ground!

This means that the brush can automatically cope with undulations and hills for the ultimate sweeping performance. But even better than that, wear on the brush from excessive pressure is eliminated, giving your brushes a much longer life, and protecting the machine from heavy handed operators!

We hope you love our new sweeper!

UK wide demonstrations can be arranged all year round. All our machines are sold and backed up by our dealer network.


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