About Kersten (UK) Ltd

Kersten (UK) Ltd was formed over 10 years ago to distribute outdoor maintenance products manufactured by Kersten Maschinenvertriebs of Germany, throughout the United Kingdom.

The products include specialist powered sweeping, weed removal and renovation machines on powered pedestrian and tractor mounted applications. The products are marketed via websites (kersten-machines.com) , trade shows and sold through groundscare dealers/resellers or directly by the company. Customers include schools, colleges, local authorities, contractors and private individuals.

In 2009 Kersten (UK) Ltd broadened its offering allow further access to the Kersten products by creating a hire fleet. This enables customers who are unable to justify the full purchase price of a machine, to carry out the particular maintenance tasks only Kersten machines can perform. This service is marketed under the banner of Kersten Sweeper Hire.

Further  additions to the hire fleet included larger road going sweeping machines that are offered in the local area of Berkshire with or without drivers.This service is marketed under the banner of SweepRite – Reading Sweeper Hire.

2010 brought more growth to the business with Kersten (UK) Ltd becoming UK distributors of the American Snow and Ice control products company Meyer Products LLC. These products are sold through similar channels as the Kersten products from Germany.

Additional products are planned for introduction in 2015.

The acquisition of new premises in Reading during 2011 lead to expansion when the business became a local area distributor for major international brands, Mountfield and Karcher for the Reading area.

The various areas of activity combine to provide a business which is able to thrive 12 months of the year, providing seasonal and niche products with the highest standard of service levels.

Recent year on year growth in earnings reflect the success of the business strategy and the commitment of the staff.

Around 12 staff currently work as a team to carry out the activities of the company. Positions include internal and field sales, marketing, operations, accounts, parts, workshop service and external services. Kersten (UK) Ltd support and fund high levels of staff training.

The simple target of the business is to be the “easiest company to deal with”. This is achieved by the careful systematising of all our processes our staff performance and implementing our vision for future success. Key focuses are People, Solutions and Delivery. This may seem rather corny, but if we each improve just one small piece of one of these pillars of our business every day then we will thrive and grow.