Orkney Islands Council Choose Kersten

January 2017

Orkney Islands Council are pleased to have taken delivery of their new K1500 with Sweeper and Weedbrush this month.  Following a demonstration last year, the council made the decision to purchase the machine for moss and weed removal in and around Kirkwall. There are lots of pathways, pavements and car parks in need of regular maintenance, which was a struggle with their previous machinery.

Orkney Islands Council receives their new K1500

 The council loved the low vibration figures, which mean that operators can use the machine for far longer and be  much more productive.  This had been a big problem for them in the past, with operators only being able to use the machine for about an hour per day.
With so much work to do they needed a machine that could be used for most of  the day by the same operator if


  The council team getting to grips with the machine in training 

Their previous machine was not self-propelled, so the hydraulic drive on the K1500 made the machine much more comfortable to operate, easily navigating the curbs and slopes with its large diameter tires.

  The team familiarising themselves with the weedbrush on their new K1500

A large advantage of the Kersten machine is the ease with which you can change attachments, this turns the machine from  being single use into an all year round machine, saving a lot of money on different machinery.  The concept was a big influence in Orkney’s decision to purchase the machine, which can be used for moss and weed removal and cleaning up after the job, not to mention a variety of other tasks such as snow clearance, sweeping, and path edging.


  Path edging and then collecting the debris with the same machine on our demonstration.

The council were given training on the correct maintenance and operation of the machine, which is typical of any product installation.  We go through the whole machine, from the control panel right through to the adjustments on the  attachment, then we allow each operator to get used to how the machine operates in different situations.  This was very important for Orkney who have several different operators who could be using the machine.

For more information or to book a demonstration please call us on 0118 9869 253 info@kerstenuk.com