Kersten – Paving the way for maintaining mono-block!

On a recent visit to Germany we tackled a footpath along the Rhine.

This site provided many challenges for weed and moss removal.  Since its development, block paving has been used as an economic, long life alternative to asphalt or monolithic concrete. The gaps in paving are generally filled with sand, which can be compacted over time and reduce drainage properties.
This can be compounded when organic matter contaminates the infill material. This not only restricts the drainage capacity but also retains moisture in the filling material.
This prolonged moisture
retention and organic material provides ideal conditions for moss and algae to flourish. This can result in dangerous slippery conditions.

In extreme cases the algae can cause puddles leaving a thick black sticky residue that can solidify when the surface does eventually dry out.
Because the gap between the block allows for it, in many cases other weeds may appear and cause further damage to the surface rendering it unusable and even dangerous.




The Kersten weedbrush is the perfect tool for removing weeds and moss from this type of environment. It is anaggressive brush which can be set up to get between the cracks in the block paving and wrench out the offending moss or weeds as well as the detritus it has grown in. Thus restoring the drainage properties of the surface. After a sweep, the surface will be presentable and usable again.


Recovering the edges of the paths is also no problem for the weedbrush. It can reclaim the original surface by removing the excess turf. This is done by ripping it away from the material that is intended to be there. A neat finish can be achieved with the weedbrush, allowing the surface to be restored to its original state..


Pedestrian machines can be used for the same tasks. Our UBS tractor unit has hydraulic drive to the wheels, allowing fingertip control of the speed. The mechanical PTO drive to the implement gives the grunt necessary for the most demanding tasks.  All our weed brushes rotate at an optimum speed, allowing the surface to be cleaned without debris being flung far across the path.


The attachments can be changed over easily, so cleaning the surface after a task like this is very simple.  The paving can be swept with our tractor mounted or pedestrian sweepers.  All our sweepers come with simple height adjustment to suit different surfaces and account for brush wear.  Gully brushes can be used to clean the edges and collector boxes can be fitted to pick up the debris.



Blowers are also available to move the debris onto the verge, where it can be hidden in the grass.  Kersten Vento blowers have noise levels of less than 84db. At this level ear protection is not normally required. The lightweight aluminium impeller produces an air velocity of up to 230 km/h.  Blowers are an efficient way to move loose material when it is not necessary for it to be collected.

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