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Kersten -spreader.indd Getting the best from your spreaderKersten -spreader.indd


Spreading salt is a tricky business, the tips below should help you get the best from your spreader;

Make sure the wiring is well protected;
The wiring from your spreader will usually run under the vehicle and be exposed to the elements.  It is important that none of the casing for the wire gets damaged… Run the cables away from the exhaust, where they could be exposed to hot metal and cable tie them out of the way, so they cannot drag on the ground.

Cover any connections, including the earth with Dielectric grease to protect them; these are the first places a wire will usually corrode giving inconsistencies in performance.

Kersten -spreader.indd

Keep the salt dry;

When salt is wet, it sticks together in clumps, which makes it very difficult to spread.  Ensure that your salt is as dry as possible by following these tips;

  • Store it inside, preferably with an extractor running
  • Make sure the inside of your spreader is dry before the salt is poured in
  • Keep a lid on your spreader to prevent water getting to the material while in transit
  • Clean out and dry your spreader after use

Use the right Auger;
We provide many types of auger for our electric tailgate spreaders.  These are available to deal with different types of salt.  If you are using the wrong auger, the result won’t be what you are looking for, so it is important to get this right.

See the picture below to identify the correct type for you;

Kersten -spreader.indd


Keep the spreader clean;

Due to the corrosive atmosphere that spreaders operate in, they require a regular clean for them to work at their best;


  • Clear any passages of excess salt or dirt which maybe constricting the flow of material.
  • Wash down the whole spreader to prevent salt from attaching to corrosive parts.
  • Cover any electrical connections with dielectric grease for protection
  • Spray maintenance grease on any moving parts
  • Dry the spreader out before it’s next use


Get the spreader serviced by your local agent;

Your spreader should be given the once over by an approved dealer before and preferably after the season to sort out any problems and make sure the spreader is performing to its best next time it is needed.

Kersten -spreader.indd

If you have any tips for maintaining your spreader, or need some more information let us know at;