The Mower for all Seasons

March 2017,
Kersten -march -The Mower dor all Seasons.indd

This new Mowing attachment for the Kersten UBS Range if full of great Features:

Kersten -march -The Mower dor all Seasons.inddBut best of all – the mower can be removed from the power unit within seconds and replaced with a multitude of other attachments, keeping your staff utilized all year round.

Wherever your maintenance takes you, your Kersten machine can follow.

Save money on duplication of power units
Save money on keeping a wide range of spare parts
Save money on re-training staff to use different kit
Save money on storage space for duplicated power units
Save money on servicing of machines sat un-used
Kersten -march -The Mower dor all Seasons.indd

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people utilized all year round.
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