Meyer – The Revolution’s Here!

April 2017,


Last week we visited the Danish Meyer Distributor near Copenhagen to discover what exciting new product developments we can offer our customers.

The event in Copenhagen was possibly the best Meyer Conference so far.  There are plenty of new products for our customers to get excited about.  Below are some of the new ones I can talk about.  There are also some great things in the pipeline, which I cannot reveal just yet.

In the new season, we will be launching our latest plough for 4x4s’


This Revolutionary new plough uses Ultra-light High Strength steel to make it even lighter than our current Ploughs.

  • It has an industry leading 22.5 cm ground clearance when lifted to prevent bottoming out.
  • The drop speed can be easily adjusted to suit your style.
  • The Patented Cable Management system makes wiring up the plough fast and simple

Introducing The Only Box Plough That Will Go To Any Length To Get The Snow


This new Plough allows you to change your approach when it comes to tight squeezes and open spaces without getting out of the cab.

  • This containment plough is adjustable from 1.5m – 2.4m width
  • It can flip over for efficient back dragging
  • It fits Telehandlers, Skid Steers and Front Loaders

I can’t wait to launch the other products later in the year!

For more information on these ploughs, or to organize a demonstration please get in touch on 0118 9869 253 or email