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July 2017
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Case Study;  Forage Mowers from Kersten.

Sometimes we find customers want to cut grass or other crops at the surface and leave the stem intact and undamaged. Perhaps to keep the crop for hay or straw.

There are two main ways this can be done.3

Traditionally, a cutting bar with a set of reciprocating knives would be used for the task. This tool is a very reliable and low cost way to do it.  The cutters can be powered by machines with quite low horsepower such as the K-series range of two wheel tractors from Kersten.

Advantages also include the ability to use this tool on steep banks behind a pedestrian machine, or to offset it to get right under an overhang, such as a Solar panel.

The alternative method is with a drum, or disk mower.  This requires much more power to operate, and therefore a larger tool carrier, which is more expensive. But has the advantages of speed and the ability to follow contours.  It will not get clogged up easily when moving through more dense forage.


Kersten offer both solutions as attachments for our pedestrian range of machines and also as attachments for many types of tractor.

Once you have cut the crop, it is then possible to rake it into rows, allowing it to dry and then bale it for storage.

Attachments for these jobs can also be purchased for the Kersten UBS Hydro range of two wheel tractors.

All our attachments are backed up by our UK dealer network and a free demonstration is available on request.


Please follow this link for more information on our grass cutting equipment.