Kersten – Getting the best from your spreader

Kersten -spreader.indd Getting the best from your spreaderKersten -spreader.indd


Spreading salt is a tricky business, the tips below should help you get the best from your spreader;

Make sure the wiring is well protected;
The wiring from your spreader will usually run under the vehicle and be exposed to the elements.  It is important that none of the casing for the wire gets damaged… Run the cables away from the exhaust, where they could be exposed to hot metal and cable tie them out of the way, so they cannot drag on the ground.

Cover any connections, including the earth with Dielectric grease to protect them; these are the first places a wire will usually corrode giving inconsistencies in performance.

Kersten -spreader.indd

Keep the salt dry;

When salt is wet, it sticks together in clumps, which makes it very difficult to spread.  Ensure that your salt is as dry as possible by following these tips;

  • Store it inside, preferably with an extractor running
  • Make sure the inside of your spreader is dry before the salt is poured in
  • Keep a lid on your spreader to prevent water getting to the material while in transit
  • Clean out and dry your spreader after use

Use the right Auger;
We provide many types of auger for our electric tailgate spreaders.  These are available to deal with different types of salt.  If you are using the wrong auger, the result won’t be what you are looking for, so it is important to get this right.

See the picture below to identify the correct type for you;

Kersten -spreader.indd


Keep the spreader clean;

Due to the corrosive atmosphere that spreaders operate in, they require a regular clean for them to work at their best;


  • Clear any passages of excess salt or dirt which maybe constricting the flow of material.
  • Wash down the whole spreader to prevent salt from attaching to corrosive parts.
  • Cover any electrical connections with dielectric grease for protection
  • Spray maintenance grease on any moving parts
  • Dry the spreader out before it’s next use


Get the spreader serviced by your local agent;

Your spreader should be given the once over by an approved dealer before and preferably after the season to sort out any problems and make sure the spreader is performing to its best next time it is needed.

Kersten -spreader.indd

If you have any tips for maintaining your spreader, or need some more information let us know at;


Kersten – Paving the way for maintaining mono-block!

On a recent visit to Germany we tackled a footpath along the Rhine.

This site provided many challenges for weed and moss removal.  Since its development, block paving has been used as an economic, long life alternative to asphalt or monolithic concrete. The gaps in paving are generally filled with sand, which can be compacted over time and reduce drainage properties.
This can be compounded when organic matter contaminates the infill material. This not only restricts the drainage capacity but also retains moisture in the filling material.
This prolonged moisture
retention and organic material provides ideal conditions for moss and algae to flourish. This can result in dangerous slippery conditions.

In extreme cases the algae can cause puddles leaving a thick black sticky residue that can solidify when the surface does eventually dry out.
Because the gap between the block allows for it, in many cases other weeds may appear and cause further damage to the surface rendering it unusable and even dangerous.




The Kersten weedbrush is the perfect tool for removing weeds and moss from this type of environment. It is anaggressive brush which can be set up to get between the cracks in the block paving and wrench out the offending moss or weeds as well as the detritus it has grown in. Thus restoring the drainage properties of the surface. After a sweep, the surface will be presentable and usable again.


Recovering the edges of the paths is also no problem for the weedbrush. It can reclaim the original surface by removing the excess turf. This is done by ripping it away from the material that is intended to be there. A neat finish can be achieved with the weedbrush, allowing the surface to be restored to its original state..


Pedestrian machines can be used for the same tasks. Our UBS tractor unit has hydraulic drive to the wheels, allowing fingertip control of the speed. The mechanical PTO drive to the implement gives the grunt necessary for the most demanding tasks.  All our weed brushes rotate at an optimum speed, allowing the surface to be cleaned without debris being flung far across the path.


The attachments can be changed over easily, so cleaning the surface after a task like this is very simple.  The paving can be swept with our tractor mounted or pedestrian sweepers.  All our sweepers come with simple height adjustment to suit different surfaces and account for brush wear.  Gully brushes can be used to clean the edges and collector boxes can be fitted to pick up the debris.



Blowers are also available to move the debris onto the verge, where it can be hidden in the grass.  Kersten Vento blowers have noise levels of less than 84db. At this level ear protection is not normally required. The lightweight aluminium impeller produces an air velocity of up to 230 km/h.  Blowers are an efficient way to move loose material when it is not necessary for it to be collected.

For more information please contact us on 0118 9869 253 or email


Cleaning a rubberised playing surface with a Kersten sweeper

Kersten Sweeper at ISDALL school with Rob Hunter artificial surf

January 2017

Cleaning a rubberised playing surface with a Kersten sweeper

The surface presented was a stippled rubber play area used for ball games. In the past demands upon the staff were such
that good versatile quality equipment was now required to maintain all areas of the school, not just the artificial surfaces
but also the paved and playground areas.

By using a Kersten sweeper and when required a Weedbrush attachment on the path edges and moss, the ground staff
will take control again and improve the safety and presentation of the whole school

Benefits of Kersten Sweepers

  • Chemical free weed control
  • Safer play areas with moss and debris removal
  • Easy way to clear paths of snow
  • Easy Maintenance all hard and sand filled artificial play areas (tennis courts & football pitches)
  • Guaranteed long life and easy maintenance of equipment.
  • Low vibration to user so fatigue is reduced allowing all day usage (due to low vibration)

Kersten Sweeper at ISDALL school with Rob Hunter artificial surf


Plant nursery gets a spruce up

Blog-Orkney Islamds Council choose Kersten.indd

January 2017

Kersten K1500 demonstrating how quick and easy it is to clean black (Geotex style)
ground cover fabric at a large plant nursery.

Blog-Orkney Islamds Council choose Kersten.indd

The hydraulic variable speed drive allows for the variation in surface debris, the gulley brush enables cleaning to the edge and under irrigation pipes around the beds. Collection achieved with the collection box.

Blog-Orkney Islamds Council choose Kersten.inddResults

  • Better result than manual cleaning in most cases.
  • Massive reduction in direct labour costs.
  • Fast turn round of the cover bed for re stocking.
  • Reduces risk of disease transfer.
  • Effective weed control


Orkney Islands Council Choose Kersten

January 2017

Orkney Islands Council are pleased to have taken delivery of their new K1500 with Sweeper and Weedbrush this month.  Following a demonstration last year, the council made the decision to purchase the machine for moss and weed removal in and around Kirkwall. There are lots of pathways, pavements and car parks in need of regular maintenance, which was a struggle with their previous machinery.

Orkney Islands Council receives their new K1500

 The council loved the low vibration figures, which mean that operators can use the machine for far longer and be  much more productive.  This had been a big problem for them in the past, with operators only being able to use the machine for about an hour per day.
With so much work to do they needed a machine that could be used for most of  the day by the same operator if


  The council team getting to grips with the machine in training 

Their previous machine was not self-propelled, so the hydraulic drive on the K1500 made the machine much more comfortable to operate, easily navigating the curbs and slopes with its large diameter tires.

  The team familiarising themselves with the weedbrush on their new K1500

A large advantage of the Kersten machine is the ease with which you can change attachments, this turns the machine from  being single use into an all year round machine, saving a lot of money on different machinery.  The concept was a big influence in Orkney’s decision to purchase the machine, which can be used for moss and weed removal and cleaning up after the job, not to mention a variety of other tasks such as snow clearance, sweeping, and path edging.


  Path edging and then collecting the debris with the same machine on our demonstration.

The council were given training on the correct maintenance and operation of the machine, which is typical of any product installation.  We go through the whole machine, from the control panel right through to the adjustments on the  attachment, then we allow each operator to get used to how the machine operates in different situations.  This was very important for Orkney who have several different operators who could be using the machine.

For more information or to book a demonstration please call us on 0118 9869 253

Happy New Year Everyone!

12 January 2017

We are pleased to get the new year off to an exciting start…  Have you seen the weather forecasts for this weekend?

“Yellow warnings for wind and snow have been issued by the Met Office with up to 20cm of snow set to fall sparking sub-zero conditions of -10C – which would be colder than current temperatures in Iceland.” (The sun)

With this in mind, until the end of the month we are offering a free Urethane edge with every PathPro2 Plough sold.


Kersten is at BTME
This month Kersten will be at several shows.
– From 11th –12th we will be at the Ripon Farm Services New Year Show,
the stand is set up and ready for customers.

On the 17th – 19th we will be on Kioti’s stand at BTME, showcasing our new sweeper to fit the Kioti WD1260. This exciting new tractor comes with front PTO and hydraulic couplings as a standard feature.


– On the 26th of January we will be joining MST for their Open Day in Tiverton, with a Hog roast and Refreshments.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017

Christmas closing on 22nd December,
Open on 3rd January 2017

The Weedo

The Weedo

The Kersten WEEDO is a dedicated machine for moss and weed removal. Ideal for block paving, path edges. The advanced hydraulic drive attachment efficiently removes the offending weeds and the detritus it grows in from the surface. The implement can be adjusted in any direction to allow easy cleaning of block paving and undulating surfaces. The position of the head allows easy removal of weeds around buildings or along kerb edges and a mix of brushes give a clean finish.

For more information:

Download PDF:

Tel. 0118 986 9253

A new K1500 for St Edwards School

Kevin Mills receiving a brand new Kersten K1500 Sweeper for St Edwards School of Oxford. Mike Leach was there on behalf of Turney Ground Force to hand over the machine, which will be used to work on the schools’ artificial surfaces and sports facilities.

A brand new K1500

A brand new K1500

Kersten Sweeprite at new Ikea Reading Opening

The final clean up before the big opening of the new IKEA store in Reading – tomorrow!

Sweeping the Ikea car park one last time before the big open.

Sweeping the Ikea car park one last time before the big open.

Pressure washing the floor of the car park to get it squeaky clean!

Pressure washing the floor of the car park to get it squeaky clean!